Important information for temporary licenses

Temporary licenses are numbered and must be activated in ascending numerical order.

License numbering is based on the download filename suffix, e.g. 15154_Advanced_temp001.lic indicates license number 001.

For example if you purchased three AMIRA Advanced License Temporary Week licenses the license files have to be installed in the following order:

  • 15154_Advanced_temp001.lic
  • 15154_Advanced_temp002.lic
  • 15154_Advanced_temp003.lic

Warning: When activating more than one temporary license, please be aware that the order in which the licenses are activated is of great importance.

If installed in the wrong order, they will become invalid and will need to be repurchased.

Please proceed at your own risk when activating the temporary licenses.
If they are wrongly activated, ARRI will not replace/refund the licenses.

The validity period of a license begins when the license is activated. If several temporary licenses are being activated at the same time, the validity periods of all the licenses will be added together, as long as they are activated in ascending number order.